Hi there! This is Becca, the dev behind The Essentialist Dev. I'm so happy you are here, and I hope we get to chat some day. Drop me an email or a Twitter DM if that day is today 🦊

When I was teaching myself how to program in a hostel having just left an abusive relationship, I struggled to balance mental health, a job and trying to learn how to program without internet access at home or meetup communities close to me.

As a working dev, I struggle with mental health including imposter syndrome and burnout, but am learning how to manage them with my incredible support network.

It's hard when it doesn't have to be, and I know many other devs who have faced or who are facing a mountain of obstacles too, when all we want to do is learn, build and improve the lives of the people around us.

My job then (with the help of The Essentialist Dev), is to use all of the resources I have available to me, to make it easier for future and current devs to live our best tech lives. So that we can feel empowered, happy and healthy without burning out. So we can give back and keep making it easier for those around us. So that we can all then focus on our highest points of contribution, instead of all of the obstacles in our way.