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Introducing Berry the 8-week old kitten of joy, rainbows and happiness

I'm writing this on the 6th August, Berry is trying his hardest to contribute by walking all over the keyboard and mewling his thoughts on what should be included in this little post all about him.

We got Berry on the 4th August, two days ago and he is the tiniest little kitten I have ever seen. This is the first photo we took of him outside of the home we adopted him from.


But first, Berry wanted to write something himself, it looks like a caterpillar, good job Berry.

tiny white and grey 8 week old kitten being held by hands that he fits snuggly inside

Since bringing Berry home the worry part of my brain has been kicked into overdrive. Why isn't he eating, all the quora articles says this is the end of the world, he keeps sneezing is he sick, is he meowing because he's sad, we he be safe all day alone while I'm at work, will he grow up needy if I keep giving in and picking him up for cuddles every time he mewls up at me?

cuddles with berry

Two days later and most of those worries are starting to fade. He actually ate some food today. The trick was heating up his wet food and biscuits very lightly in the microwave. Apparently, cats don't like to have their water bowl too close to their food bowl because in the wild, water next to their dead prey could be contaminated.

To help with the worries, I read a book called Think like a cat: How to raise a well-adjusted cat. In this book, we are encouraged to cuddle kittens a lot and get them used to us touching their ears and paws so that we can later take their temperature and clip their nails. This is actually working pretty well.

berry getting used to being in a new place

While Berry is tiny right now, I know he's going to grow pretty fast, so want to keep a small record of his cute funny first kitten moments. He's cuddled on my lap at the moment and my heart feels like bursting every time I look at him. He's a little heart stealer

Berry moments

berry playing on my lap berry getting curious about the phone