A Live Developer Journal

Burnout No More Woo And Progress Snapshot

It feels SO GOOD to finally feel the magic of all things development wise, inside and outside of work.

Getting here kind of meant letting go of all the self-inflicted pressure to document every little thing in this journal (useful, but draining), and also the pressure to be able to just get better as quickly as possible.

It also meant letting go of the self-inflicted pressure o get better mental-health wise as quickly as possible, and to just slow down in all areas.

Despite having nearly five months going easy on all of that, I've learned so much and made way more progress than I would have otherwise.

I finally feel confident test-driving programs and thinking more in terms of objects instead of procedural logic, which has been a goal of mine throughout this entire journey. A was right when he said that even if you don't get something now, eventually dominoes will start clicking into place and all the things that didn't seem to make sense enough to stick will start appearing as the new web of knowledge starts coming together. Kind of like a house that's in constant dissarray with stuff everywhere, only for everything to suddenly float into their proper places. A backwards memory castle.

I'm most proud of a small studio game project I built in Ruby, using the concepts I learned in the fantabulous Pragmatic Studio Ruby course.

The repository for it is here: https://gitlab.com/EssentialistDev/studio-game, or you can download the gem directly: gem install studio_game_2021-1.0.0.gem

Building this game was the first time I felt like I could test-drive and build things with lots of simple interacting objects, refactor to make things even better, and publish it as a well-documented Gem. All of those things make me extremely happy.

Things I feel better at (or learned)

Writing out all of the above, it's more obvious how the dominoes have fallen into place for me a bit. Because I struggled with most of those things, or plain just didn't know how to do things like mixins.

I have a solid foundation where I feel comfortable jumping in and writing test-driven programs without feeling overwhelmed. This is partly why I've been so excited that I've struggled to sleep some nights, because now it feels like it's possible to use this as a launching pad to keep getting better without being overwhelmed 24/7.

Thoughts on what's next

I still have the "blocks" and "Rails" courses to go through, but I want to spend some time solidifying everything I've been empowered to do in the ruby course. That will make everything else more useful to when I get to it.

Here are some of the things I'm thinking about spending time on:

Personal Techy stuff

Work Techy Stuff

It's so hard letting go of all the gazillion other things I want to invest time in (like SVG animation), but it's nice to be able to choose skills that can help empower me in areas that are important right now.