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Getting Started With Cincom Smalltalk

I downloaded Cincom Visualworks 9.0 today, which is a programming environment for writing Smalltalk applications (using the Smalltalk-80 language).

When it downloaded, I installed it by double-clicking on the installMacOSX.app file and following the wizard instructions.

To open visualWorks, I searched for it in the finder. There were a couple of options that came up, I clicked on the one for Mac and that seemed to work okay.

To learn how to use the developer environment tools, I'll be going through each of the Cincom Smalltalk Product Tutorials and keeping notes along the way.

System Browser Overview: Getting Started With Smalltalk

You can open the system browser by clicking on the icon in the toolbar that looks like a magnifying glass to the right of three nodes on a vertical branch.

The System Browser contains four panels along the top, and a window containing content spanning below the panels.

There are two primary ways we'll use the browser:

  1. To explore classes and methods to reuse.
  2. To write your own classes and methods for your application.

This is what the System Browser looks like:

System Browser screenshot with four panels at the top and a content panel spanning below all of them

I'm really impressed by the quality of the resources and the clean feel of the cincom application at the moment. I first tried Smalltalk with Pharo, and I prefer the Cincom version. Pharo is pretty new though so it's no where near as developed or documented as the Cincom version. I don't know it well enough to compare it fairly beyond these initial impressions.