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Learn A New Handwriting Font

Sitting in a warm, vibrant field surrounded by wildflowers and the soft hum of distant traffic, with a flask of hot tea and a pen-and-paper journal in hand.

The feeling of the pen as it glides against the smooth but slightly rough surface of the paper. The melting calm of thoughts flowing out of your mind through the ink that captures them in dancing rivulets on the page.

A simple joy, almost like art. Exactly like art.

Taking the time to learn a beautiful handwriting style can uplift your experience of writing and reading your thoughts. For me, simple joys that keep on giving are always worth investing in.

Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting is like a fingerprint, unique to your own personal identity. A way to express yourself and make your thoughts tangible, so that they may be re-read exactly as they were thought.

There are so many different handwriting styles out there, from print to cursive to calligraphy to decorative and many more. Here are some great resources for discovering new fonts you might love:

Learning Your Handwriting Font

To learn your new handwriting font, there are two techniques that I have found to be especially helpful.

Alphabet Template

The first technique is tracing the alphabet letters again and again. You can do this by creating a printable like I did below, or simply by copying the letters. In both cases, take it slow and give yourself feedback after each letter attempt, and try to improve each time.

Pangram Template

The second technique is tracing over pangram sentences. Pangrams are sentences that include every letter of the alphabet one or more times. For me, this is a more natural way of practicing your handwriting, because it's more natural for us to write in paragraphs, and this way you still get to practice every letter.

Both of the techniques above work surprisingly quickly. For me, it took filling out both printables about 5 times to learn each of the letters without needing to be reminded of the shapes.