Live Developer Journal

illustration of a compost heap with a budding flower growing out of it. The sun is a lightbulb, the clouds are server cloud icons, the compost heap contains books, a podcast mic, a laptop with twitter and videos and berry the kitten

A live developer journal captures your failures, misunderstandings, struggles and the resulting lightbulb moments that propel you forward.

I build programs that are tested, principle-driven, version controlled, improved by feedback and shippable to the best of my ability, based on the knowledge I hold at the time they are being built.

Your keyboard holds a million bad programs, and your job is to get them out.

Many of the things that influence my journey to becoming a better developer have nothing to do, but also everything to do with tech. The intersections between your home and away disciplines are unexpected, and fascinating.

This is my unique garden of hybrid knowledge plants.

Welcome! ☀️ 🌱 💡 📚 📝 🌈 🌻