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Mobile app version of this website - using material design techniques

Oh my golly gosh I am so excited!

I have spent 13 hours straight designing mobile app screens (8 hrs for work, 5hrs for side project). While it's been a really fun day, really don't recommend working like that, ever. Totally exhausted right now, and will probably need the weekend to recover.

I'll share each of the four screen designs that I designed today, along with a few notes about what I plan to do with them.

It's incredible surreal knowing that it's possible to design something and then to actually be able to build it from the ground up, with a lot of nice animation effects, and fully mobile responsive. It's going to take a LOT of time to actually finish this project, but there's no rush.

Too tired to explain this properly right now so will just provide the screenshots of the four screens


login screen


home screen

Selected Category

category selected


drawer menu

I'll be swapping out the hamburger icon for the word 'menu' because it's more explicit.