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Notes and ideas from the Art of Storytelling Masterclass by Neil Gaiman



This masterclass gives you access to Neil's literary toolbox, including:

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He wants to take us to his toolshed at the bottom of the garden and take down the tools one by one and say "that's a spade", "that's a shovel" and "that's a spanner".

He also want to show us where all the pitfalls are and say "yeah don't do that", because if you do it'll all just stop.

IDEA - learn to create a video course in the same way that a masterclass video is presented

Truth in fiction


"We're using memorable lies. We are taking people who do not exist and things that did not happen to those people, in placesthat aren't, and we are using those things to communicate true things."

Using a 'lie' of a made-up story to reach a human truth is one of the central tools of literature. It doesn't matter how outlandish the world of your story is, it should feel real to the reader, known as verisimilitude


To understand verisimilitude, study books about counterfactual genre. These books tackle "what if" questions, such as "What if Hitler had won the war?". They set theri stories in a familiar reality that is twisted in some meaninful way.


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All writers have a compost heap that rots down that creates fertilizer that helps you grow a beautiful garden. Most people can point to the things that are similar to them in their own field, but it's a different thing entirely to point to the things that influence you from different fields entirely

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