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researching event storming

Interested in learning more about event storming, so went onto the resourses section of eventstorming.com, and am going to read through some of the articles listed and make notes on them.

Introducing Event Storming

Notes based on Introducing event storming

The author says that this is the orgininal article about Event Storming, but that it has evolved since then. So it will be interesting to compare the content of the other articles with this one to see if I can identify the parts that have evolved.

Event storming is a way to explore complex business domains. Business domains refer to the real world aspects of the problem you want to explore (not the technical solutions you use to solve them).

There are five basic steps of the original EventStorming format:

There are also several bonus targets mentioned in this argument:

Event Storming Summit Summary

Notes based on EventStorming Summit 2018, a summary

Event storming has its roots in Domain-Driven Design (DDD), which aims to build software that is a model of a real-world system or process (especially useful for complex projects). The key is for the techies to work closely with the domain experts who have insider knowledge of how the real-world system or process works.

One of the biggest obstacles for this kind of approach, is learning how to communicate effectively accross domains, without both parties using a lot of jargon that the other side struggle to understand, on both sides.

Ah, ran out of time to look at more of these articles, bookmarked for another time