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Researching Hiit Interval Timers

I have been trying out a few HIIT workout timer apps lately but haven't really liked any of them. Either the interface is on point but the features are lacking or vice versa. I want to make something that is a joy to use. Something really thoughtful.

To start with, I'm going to browse HIIT timers on the Google Play store and capture all of the likes/dislikes mentioned in the feedback comments.


Improvement needs


Thoughts on Feedback points

There is a lot of excellent feedback points here. Most of these things are hard to anticipate. I would never have come up with half of these by myself. Interestingly, many of these feedback points were repeated across the top 5 apps on the play store, so it seems like the app developers didn't go through the feedback before hand like this.

It is also easy to get overloaded with all of the 'nice to haves' in the list above. So when I build this, I'll start off trying to make it as simple as possible. I'll really need to practice encapsulation and extendability, because I know there's always going to be good feedback and change/improvement suggestions that I'll need to be prepared for.

This was fun!

Simplest version

Next is to come up with the requirements for the simplest version of this app that I can come up with that has an exceptional user interface and generally just feels amazing to use, even if it doesn't have all the 'nice-to-have' features yet.

For my own personal use, I want to be able to create a workout that has any number of sets that each consist of a workout time and a rest time. The sets can be duplicated, or created with varying times. Each set should have a name. The workout should also have a name. The workout should also have a customisable warmup (or intro time) before the timers start. A countdown on the screen for each of the timers. A beeper which counts down from 5 seconds and below. A voice which says '[time] warmup', '[time] workout' and '[time] rest'

When I make this, I'll have to break it down into tiny simple steps, because there is a lot going on there in my ideal mvp that actually does the bare minimum I'd appreciate.

Some ideas for things that would be nice to have: Being able to see what's coming next.